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Fight Sports Club offers elite-level instruction and training. The techniques you will learn during our classes are self-defense and competition tested over many years of participation. Professors instruct based on our curriculum guidelines designed with a combination of traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques as well as Fight Sports Club very own style, of a very progressive and modern approach.

Our free week ensures that everyone enters a fundamentals class comfortably and with a basic understanding of Jiu-Jitsu. This class consists of one 60-minute lesson required for anyone new to Jiu-Jitsu.

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The Fundamentals Class is offered for those with no experience. Entering the world of Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be challenging without the proper introduction so we have created a class just for YOU!

Adults of all ages are welcomed to begin their journey with an intensive 4 week curriculum. Here you will learn the foundational body movements and techniques for jiu-jitsu and self defense. This will be the most important class of anyone’s beginning. 

In this class our professors will teach weekly techniques in detail to develop a solid understanding which is the most important part of your martial arts journey.


60-minute Gi class and is only for students who have no experience in martial arts.



Our Beginners jiu-jitsu classes are designed for those who have graduated from the Fundamentals Class or who join the club with some experience and an understanding of the fundamental techniques used in jiu-jitsu and self defense. Our professors follow a 16 week curriculum.

Beginners class teaches progressive techniques to improve the basics as well as detailed explanation and demonstration of each movement. Throughout these classes students will go through: warm ups, technique drilling, specific training and live training with partners.


60-minute Gi class, open to belts from white to purple.



Advanced class is for those practitioners who have an elaborate understanding of complete jiu-jitsu. Being able to perform takedowns, sweeps, passes, maintain dominant positions, perform submissions and have a general knowledge of competition as well as confidence with street self defense. Following our 16 week Advanced curriculum, professors will focus on progressing, technical drills, specific and situational training, based on the technique of the day each lesson with end with high intensity, live training.

60-minute Gi class, open for blue belts and up.

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NoGi submission grappling is a form of jiujitsu practiced without the Gi. Students of all levels, who have graduated from the Fundamentals Flass are welcome.

Instructing off our 16 week NoGi curriculum, professors will be proving students with the knowledge of specific movements and techniques of grappling. Technical drills, situational and specific training as well as live training will take place, where students can put their progress and knowledge to the test.

This is a No Gi class open to all levels.

If your plan is to wear spats, shorts are required over top.


339 NE 61st St. Miami, FL 33137

+1 (786) 290 6875

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