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In Fight Sports Miami Kids Classes, we have a very active program where kids are exercising for 45 min - 1 hour. The classes will help build Self-Esteem and Confidence by meeting new friends and getting through obstacles and challenges physically and emotionally.

Having the mission and vision that children learn the different techniques of this martial art through exercises and games and in a relaxed environment where a series of behaviors will be worked on that will allow them to cope in hostile or bullying situations, develop their motor skills, they will gain self-esteem and self-confidence, and learn social values ​​such as tolerance and respect for their partner and their elders.

Each class we set goals for the kids and help them accomplish with our expertise coaching. We also teach Respect and Discipline through our ranking system and our disciplinary policy. This program will help not only your child/children learn jiujitsu but will give them the tools to have life skills and learn conflict resolution with bully situations.

The classes are structured with Body strength and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu exercises for warm up. Sport Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques to learn and also Bully proof Situations. We live Train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu then a short game to have fun. Its non-stop action!


339 NE 61st St. Miami, FL 33137

+1 (786) 290 6875

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