On Sunday, September 25th, in El Paso, Texas, the well known event called The EDDIE BRAVO INVITATIONAL (EBI) US open qualifier took place. A bracket of 16 competitors, in which the champion would have a place in the EBI 20 “The absolutes” event.

This event featured the participation of our FIGHT SPORTS CLUB athlete and professor André Porfirio. Andre was invited by the organization to be part of this event and without hesitation he took the challenge. It should be said that this event has its own rules, they are 10-minute matches where there are no points, being a submission-only modality. If the match ends without a submission, it goes to over time, in which 3 rounds are disputed where each fighter has a turn to start from the back or "spider web" position. At the end of the three rounds, it is seen who submitted the rival more times. If parity is maintained, the winner is declared the one who, adding the times of the three rounds to finish, obtained the submissions in the shortest period.

Andre was able to demonstrate his fighting style focused on submissions, he got a total of 4 finishes in 4 matches. 100% effectiveness for our athlete, thus giving him the pass to compete the EBI 20 THE ABSOLUTES to be held on October 23rd, along with names like Nicky Rod, Roosevelt Souza, Luke Griffith, Haisam Rida among others. This event offers a possible Grand Prize of 50,000 us to the winner who manages to finish all his fights.

We are very happy to be able to celebrate the victory of our athlete and professor André Porfirio and wish him all our support in his next challenge.

Victor Davila, Andre Porfirio, and Eddie Bravo - Photo: Blanca Marisa