Fight Sports Club Belt Ceremony 2022

Last weekend at FIGHT SPORTS CLUB the graduation ceremony that takes place twice a year took place at FSC Headquarters. During the ceremony we saw the step forward of several students marked by the change of belt, from white to brown. We also saw the notable growth of our women's team, which is becoming stronger and more united for the upcoming challenges. While at graduation ceremonies it's almost impossible to hold back tears given our Cyborg professor's speech, this ceremony was more emotional than others for several reasons.

The first was seeing our athlete, professor, student and friend Benjamin Kunzle with us on the mats after a while. For those who do not know, Ben had an accident in his training, he had a fall, which compromised his neck and spine, having to go to the hospital urgently to perform a surgery. Ben is doing a lot of physical therapy in order to recover from his injury, and we were lucky enough to get a first word from someone who is more than just a fighter that each of us is proud of. And it's exactly how our Professor Cyborg always reminds us: “When life hits you, you don't have the time to go to a training camp, you have to be ready, we don't know about tomorrow, but we do know about today, and it is today that we are going to do our best to honor our day to day"; and that goes beyond a medal or a tournament; and that is what our coaches always want to make clear, both in ceremonies and in everyday training.

The second reason was that earlier in the day, Professor Cyborg heard about the passing of a personal friend, coach, student, and training partner from FIGHT SPORTS CLUB. Gustavo “Gurú” Oliveira Dias, was a capoeira professor at Fight Sports club as well as a student. Guru, as everyone called him, had an accident on his motorcycle on the Friday night before the day of the ceremony. "I'm sure he doesn't want any of us to be sad about his departure, and he does want us to be thankful for the small and great moments we were able to share with each other" our Professor Cyborg told us.

The ceremony ended with a prayer for the Guru and his family, and emphasizing how important and grateful we are to have the opportunity to share moments with our students, beyond what is a competition.

Below we leave information about the gofundme for our student Benjamín Kunzle and about the Ben’s Fundraiser Festival.

Ben's Fundraiser Festival.

August 13th, 10:00 am

Fightsports Miami - 339 NE 61st, Miami, Fl


Professor Cyborg and Benjamin Kunzle