After 3 years of waiting, one due to the pandemic, on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th the most important grappling submission event in the world took place, the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club), for some the "Grappling Olympics".”. This event took place at the Thomas & Mark center, Las Vegas, NV. The event featured a total of 97 athletes; among which 7 were from FIGHT SPORTS CLUB. (Fabricio Andrey, Diogo Reis, Mica Galvao, Vagner Rocha, João Costa, Roosevelt Souza, and our teacher and leader Roberto Cyborg Abreu). Although the matches took place on Saturday (until the quarterfinals) and Sunday (semifinals, finals and open weight) it was from Friday that the long-awaited event started, since it was on this day that they showed the brackets of every weight division.

On Saturday the event began where the 5 men's weight divisions started from 16 athletes to 4, and in the 2 women's divisions from 8 athletes to 4. On Sunday the matches for the medals were disputed, and once it finished, the open weight started (16 athletes) and later the superfight between the champion of the absolute (2019) and the champion of the superfight (2019).

As we said, there were 7 FIGHT SPORTS CLUB athletes who competed in ADCC, and here we leave you the information about all the fights of each of them.

Fight Sports Club at ADCC

-66kg Division

Fabricio Andrey: "Hokage" had his first round with one of the most anticipated matches in what was the presentation of the brackets on Friday. His first match was against AOJ's “phenomenon” Cole Abatte. A very disputed match between them with good moments for both, the fight was tied in the 10 minutes and had to continue in overtime (5min) where the part of the take downs favored Hokage who took the victory with the decision of the judges.

In the second round he had to compete against his teammate Diogo Reis; another difficult match for both of them, not only because they are teammates, but also because they know each other very well. The match began with good takedown defense from both and it was “Baby Shark” who almost got a takedown stabilized before overtime was over. Diogo got the victory via the referee's decision, probably due to his last offensive attempts. On Sunday Hokage registered himself to get a place in the absolute which he got and fought against Victor Hugo, an electrifying battle in which the difference in size could be seen. Victor Hugo managed to achieve an armbar from a triangle and stayed with the victory.

Fabricio Andrey

Diogo Reis: A dream performance for "Baby shark" in this ADCC since in his first appearance he managed to reach the top of the podium and consecrate himself as an ADCC 2022 Champion.

His first match was against the Welsh Ashley William, a close match where Diogo managed to come out with the victory by 2-0. Then his second match against his teammate Fabricio Andrey where he got the victory via referee's decision and thus went to the semifinals to be played on day 2. His third match was against Josh Cisneros, always showing a superior fighting game, looking for takedowns , and exchanging attacks to the legs, Diogo managed to make a takedown that gave him the pass to the final 2-0.

The final match was against Gabriel Sousa, this was the most difficult match of the 4 for our athlete Diogo Reis. A constant exchange of guard passages, attacks, and search for submissions. When the match started to count the points, Diogo attempts a takedown and quickly transitions to the back with a hook and then lands both hooks giving him 3 points; With time running out the two athletes steadily continued forward in search of the submissions until the match came to an end. And this is how Diogo “Baby shark” Reis, became the 2022 ADCC -66kg champion.

Diogo Reis

-77kg Division

Mica Galvao: Mica was one of the favorites in what, for most, was the most difficult category of this ADCC, the category up to 77kg with the current x2 champion JT. Torres. Mica was able to make his way to the finals with another phenom from the ATOS academy, which would be the match to see who would become the youngest ADCC champion.