Brenda Larissa

This past weekend the second Abu Dhabi GRAND SLAM event of the AJP tour of the 22/23 season took place in Miami, Florida. Where both the professional elite and the amateur belts met to compete at the Watsco Center, Coral Gables.

This type of tournament offers cash prizes to those who reach the podium and accumulates points for the ranking, which at the end of the year the first two athletes placed of each country, win a trip with accommodation and registration to the World Pro Abu Dhabi to be held in November of each year in the United Arab Emirates. (brown and black belts).

As expected, FIGHT SPORTS CLUB had a large number of athletes from all belts ready to raise the Fight Sports Club flag high as on every occasion.

Although there were great results in all the belts; we want to highlight the performance of 2 athletes in the professional black belt category. The athlete Brenda Larissa black belt -49kG and the athlete Roosevelt Sousa black belt -120kg, both taking gold in their divisions.

Brenda Larissa reached the top of the podium after 2 matches, the first victory was 2-0 over Rayana Da Silva, then in the final she competed for the gold against Thamires Aquino, from the beginning of the match Brenda imposed an aggressive game where she almost passed the guard and got to the back of Thamires, which gave her a score of 3-0; then the match was more balanced on the scoreboard by 3-2, but Brenda knew how to manage that advantage and ended up with the first place in the professional division black belt -49kg.

Roosevelt Souza reached the top of the podium disputing a total of 3 matches; his first match against a rival with a history in brazilian jiu jitsu, Ricardo Evangelista, a difficult one, but Roosevelt knew how to work and achieved the submission to advance to the semifinals of the tournament. His second fight was against Herico Pinto of KMR Norway, on this occasion Roosevelt was also victorious via submission giving him the pass to the final against another well-known athlete on the circuit, Wallace Costa, from the GFT academy. This was the most difficult match that our athlete had, but always imposing his game, he had an attempted takedown which gave him 1 point and thus, after the match, he managed to climb to the top of the podium at the GRAND SLAM MIAMI in the professional category black belt -120kg. FIGHT SPORT CLUB was in third place in the Team Ranking of the event.

From FIGHT SPORT CLUB we want to thank and congratulate all the athletes who went and represented the academy, from competitors to the coaches who were there encouraging and helping the students, always giving them that sense of belonging, all together as what we are, a family, the FIGHT SPORTS CLUB family.

Roosevelt Souza