On November 11, 12 and 13, we were able to enjoy again, after 3 years of waiting, one of the tournaments that belongs to the IBJJF NO-GI Grand Slam, the EUROPEAN IBJJF JIU-JITSU NO-GI CHAMPIONSHIP, this time the event took place at the PalaPellicone, Lazio, Rome, Italia.

The event featured juvenile, adult, and master categories. And while it took place on the other side of the continent, that didn't leave the FIGHT SPORTS CLUB athletes without a place in the championship.

With a total of 11 athletes and 6 medals, athletes not only from Fight Sports Club HQ were participating, but also from affiliates in Europe.

Within the results we want to make a special mention of our instructor, athlete and excellent person Bernardo Delibero, who with a total of 4 matches managed to secure a place on the podium in the medium brown adult category, in which there were 20 athletes disputing the first place.

Also mentioning a person who is more than committed to the Fight Sports Club family, someone whom everyone greatly appreciates, our friend and athlete Chad Fields, who managed to become champion in his super heavyweight master4 black belt category; and champion in the absolute category.

The event included the participation of 9 fight sports club athletes, of which:

.Gueven Cicek was placed in 2nd place in the master1 male Light blue belt category

.Corey Guitard placed 2nd in the men's master1 medium-heavy black belt category

.Dario Kashani was placed in 2nd place in the heavy black belt male master1 category

Also part of the team were: Adolfo Santiago Suarez Arias (black belt), Yasseen Mohamed Hamdi A Ghandour (blue belt), Timon Breitenmoser (blue belt), Gianluca Maniglia (blue belt) and Emrah Yaman (brown belt).

We are happy and proud to see representatives of Fight Sports Club academy representing us in the best way in all parts of the world and in events of the highest level; always carrying forward the mission and vision of the academy as a flag, once again we want to congratulate all those who are somehow part of the process inside and outside the tata, so that we continue to grow more and more as what we are, a family, the FIGHT SPORTS CLUB family.