This weekend took place in Dallas, Texas, one of the most prestigious NO GI events nowadays; Who Is Number One (WNO). As we are used to this event, it presented one of the best cards so far; with a total of 7 matches where the main event was Gordon Ryan vs. Felipe Pena. Inside the card there were 3 athletes from FIGHT SPORTS CLUB. Diogo “Baby shark” Reis, Fabricio “Hokage” Andrey and Mica Galvao; These 3 athletes are part of FIGHT SPORTS CLUB classified to compete in the ADCC in September.

Our 3 athletes came out with their hands up after hard and technical matches.

Although the night gave a positive balance for the members of the team, it was overshadowed and with a climate of sadness due to the departure of one of the greatest icons that this sport had. Leandro Lo's departure left a bitter taste for the entire Brazilian jiu jitsu community. From FIGHT SPORTS CLUB we want to send our condolences to Leandro's family and remember him as one of the most entertaining athletes when it comes to fighting, for his spirit of fun, for always having a smile and for leaving everything inside the mats.

Diogo "Baby shark" Reis was in charge of opening the event with what was one of the most entertaining matches of the entire night. Diogo faced Esteban "The Giant Slayer" Martinez, during the match Diogo managed to impose his game and stop Martinez's constant movements (something that almost no one has managed to do, due to Martinez's fighting style), The giant slayer also had his moments within the fight but Diogo managed to neutralize them with an effective bodylock and in the final moments of the match he used his wrestling skills to be able to progress to the finishes, where he had a katagatame that ended up sentencing his victory via the unanimous decision.

Then, in what was the second match of the night, Fabricio "Hokage" Andrey vs. Fabian Ramirez. As expected, Fabricio imposed his rhythm from the beginning of the fight, where he had a more than notorious superiority in regards to the fight on his feet, where he capitalized on two incredible takedowns, followed by some perfectly executed "ankle picks". On the other side Fabian Ramirez had an attempted ankle lock which Fabricio was able to defend and begin to impose his game of guard passes followed by back takes, giving Fabricio the unanimous decision win.

Finally, in the fifth match of the night we had the performance of Mica Galvao vs. Alan Sanchez. As we are used to, Mica showed how superior he is technically against his rivals, starting the fight with an early takedown, and then controlling the fight from the mount applying pressure to later control the rival's back and finish it with a rear naked choke at 7 minutes of the match.

This was the way our athletes passed through the WNO event in Dallas, Texas. We can only congratulate them for their excellent performance and professionalism, both the 3 of them and the Coaches that were there (Melqui Galvao and Viktor Doria) and wish them success in what will be their next challenge in September, the ADCC that will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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