Last weekend was full of competitions in different countries and states, the IBJJF (International Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) was holding several tournaments in the United States, in Europe and the most representative in Brazil, the “Brasileiro”, or Brazilian Nationals (tournament that integrates the famous Grand slam of the IBJJF). As expected both in the events within the United States, Europe and in Brazil, Fight Sports not only placed its athletes on the list of participants, but also collected a large number of medals on the podiums. Here we leave you some information about our competitors around the world.

International masters Europe 2022 IBJJF

This tournament held in Barcelona is the congregation of all the people who compete bjj in the MASTERS division (30 years and older), this type of event is held in Brazil, the United States,

and this year in Europe it took place in Barcelona.

One of the best known and loved by the academy is Professor Denis Mitchel Batista Pinto, better known as DENINHO, he won double gold, in his weight category (Middleweight) and in the Open Class. Once again a performance that our coach has already accustomed us to. We do not remember the last time he did not get on the podium in any of his competitions. Five athletes participated in the event under Fight Sports Club: in the men's category purple belt, master 1, super heavyweight, Dimitar Dimov got the second place. In Master 2, brown heavyweight Alic Dzevad got the first place and second place in the Open class category. In the category master 3, black belt, medium, Denis Mitchel Batista Pinto won a gold medal, and he also did so in the Open class. In the Master 5 category, purple super heavyweight, with the silver medal we had William Gerhauser who also climbed to the podium with a bronze medal in Open Class category.

San Diego Open GI NOGI 2022 IBJJF

We also had action on the west coast of the United States, with the classic of the area, the San Diego open, the event had the GI and NOGI modality as we are used to in Ibjjf events, in this event our participant was the well-known VAGNER ROCHA , which with a total of 5 matches and 5 submissions got the first place both in its category and in the absolute. Congratulations to Vagner for his incredible performance in the events he is competing.

Atlanta Open GI NOGI 2022 IBJJF

On the other side of the coast, in "the peach state", more precisely in Atlanta, there was also action, this time we had a total of 16 competitors in both the GI and NOGI modalities, professors Felipe Porto (taking 3 podiums), Roosevelt Sousa (achieving double gold), Leilani Bernales, João Costa (achieving double gold),