The IBJJF is used to having tournaments in our beautiful city of Miami, and since 2019, the WINTER OPEN has been added to the list of yearly tournaments. Since then, we have been showing consistent proof of high-level jiu-jitsu.

In 2019 with 268 points, 2020 with 479 points and 2022 with 304 points, we have been at the top of the OVERALL RESULT OF ACADEMIES.

To list some of the outstanding results we had, our athlete Victor Delibero took gold in the adult blue light feather division, Mateo Cardona also took the top of the podium in the adult purple medium heavy division as well as Leilani Bernales, who was the gold medalist of the adult purple middle division. In the Black belt, ultra-heavyweight, the athlete Orlando Baccino was awarded a gold medal.

We also had very good results in the Masters divisions, where we had Daniel Jose Santiago, Stephany Araujo, Andreas Kasapis, Loriani Pesarini, Igor Lamothe, Lucas Hilario Dos Santos, Joaquin Torres, Bruno Silva, Lumen Mendez, Carlos Fausto Miranda, Kristen Oteri, Chad William Kennedy, Laith Mohamed, Aramed David Chavarria, Dino Vincent Spencer, Libero Robeiro Maiato, Natanael Meira de Carvalho, Viktor de Araujo Doria and Ricardo Henrique Herriot, who all took gold in their divisions.

We are very proud of every single athlete who competed the last Miami Winter and the ones before, who all competed respectfully and did their best to achieve their improvements, which for us, is not only based on the result they have but on how the deal with everything that a tournament means, for example: managing the anxiety before a tournament, the discipline during the training for months before a tournament, improving the techniques, fixing the mistakes they have found in previous tournaments and we are also proud of the relentless will and effort from every one of our team.

It is essential to mention the good work that our instructors are doing at the academy because that is one of the main reasons we are being able to improve as a whole, they all want to lead by example, showing and teaching the students to respect, discipline, effort, and above all support among our family, our Fight Sports Club family, we want and need everyone to really feel like home when they arrive at the academy.

At Fight Sports Club we believe that an athlete is a sum of skills: the technical skill as a jiu-jitsu athlete, the physical preparation, which we believe we have one of the best programs with CHAMPIONFIT, the values an athlete carries with him-her and the ability they have to transmit those values to the students as well as to future generations.