In June 2022, the greatest event held by the IBJJF, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championship, took place. This world championship had the particularity that it was once again in its classic location, the "pyramid" (due to the pandemic in December 2021 the bjj world championship was held at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, California).

Two things were very clear, the first was that the Worlds brought back its essence by having the best fighters, and from what was said, this would be one of the most competitive Worlds in these 25 years of history; the second is that fight sports club would be there with a total of 32 athletes, placing the flag at the height of the circumstances.

In the most “important”, adult black belt division, FSC had the athletes: Diogo Reis (light feather) Suraj Budhram (light feather) Fabricio Andrey (feather) Micael Galvâo (light) Alexandre Joaquim de Jesus (medium) André Porfirio (medium heavy) Lucas Lisboa Alves (heavy) Orlando Atilio Baccino (ultra heavy) Roosevelt Souza (ultra heavy) Brenda Larissa (galo).

In the world championships, Saturday is the day of absolute and category (up to the quarterfinals for men and semifinals for women) and Sunday is the day of semis and finals. The athletes who achieved the podium in the tournament were:

Brenda Larissa, with 3 matches in total (she competed her first Worlds final, taking 2nd place in the Rooster black belt adult women's division).

Diogo Reis: with 3 matches in total, Diogo was placed in 3rd place in the balck belt adult male light feather weight division.

Micael Galvâo: after 5 matches (vs. Paulo Costa, Sergio Antonio, Matheus Gabriel, 2019 feather weight champion, Jonnatas Gracie, and Tye Routolo) and 2 days of tournament, Mica became world champion for the first time in the black belt and leaving a precedent of being the youngest champion in the history of the IBJJF (18 years old).

Fight sports club also included the participation in the color belts, where several athletes managed to get on the podium in the pyramid. The athletes are:

Daniel Fernandes Cruz de Souza: Third place in the blue belt medium heavy division

Monica Raquel Pedro: Second place in the Rooster blue belt division

Ana Carolina Da Silva: Second place in the purple light feather division

Leilani Suma Bernales: Second place in the purple feather division

Thus culminated a weekend of pure bjj in California with a good participation of both color belts and FSC black belts, leaving the flag of the academy high as always and what is even more important, carrying forward the mission and vision of our professors and academy leaders.

Atleta Diogo Reis