Last weekend, precisely on Saturday April 30, what is today Brazil´s largest private event of Brazilian jiu jitsu took place; BJJ STAR 8. As always, the event aims to hold both Grand Prix of 8 fighters and high-level super fights, and this time it was not the exception, it was the event with the most prestigious fighters so far.

The event had a total of 6 super fights in the NOGI ADCC rules ruleset and an eight man tournament with a prize of 100,000 reais for the winner. The event was one of the most anticipated since within the eight man tournament there were athletes such as the x7 world Champ Leandro lo, the also world champion Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa, and our FSC athlete Mica Galvao, only 18 years old, but with a career already known in his short time as a black belt, this added to athletes such as Roberto Jimenez, Pedro Machado and Mauricio Oliveira among others, gave the event a plus by putting rookies black belts against re-named athletes of the sport.

Once the bracket to the Grand Prix was released, there was a revolution when seeing that from the first fight Leandro Lo would cross paths with Mica Galvao; It should be noted that Mica has been a black belt since mid-2021, with a record of 16-1 (14 submissions). Leandro and Mica shared the side of the bracket with Pedro Machado vs. Mauricio Oliveira, while on the opposite side was Lucas "Hulk" vs. Roberto Jimenez, and Leo Lara vs. Wallison Oliveira.

In the first match of our athlete, Mica quickly placed Leandro in the closed guard where he began with constant attacks, breaking his posture and trying to go in search of submission, against a Leandro trying to open the guard and pass, in some moments Leandro managed to grab Mica's head but without clear chances of making a guard pass, while already reaching the end of the match Mica got an advantage as a result of an armbar attempt that Leandro Lo had to defend, ending the fight 1-0 in the advantages, and once again Mica showed that he is more than ready to keep up his black belt career. Already in his second fight he had to face Mauricio Oliveira, (who won his fight against Pedro Machado by decision of the judges) who everyone remembers for getting the victory over Mica in the BJJ BET NOGI GP that took place in 2021. Everyone was waiting to see what was going to happen in this match; but an early injury to Oliveira's knee would leave him unable to continue fighting, and so Mica would go to the final against Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa, (who was the winner of his first fight against Roberto Jiménez by a total of 4-0 on points and then against Leo Lara he managed to impose his pressure by capitalizing on a guard pass followed by a powerful armbar and thus giving him the opportunity to dispute the final of the Bjj star 8).

The fight remained mostly standing, where the two fighters were exchanging takedown attempts without being able to capitalize on any of them; It wasn't until the final minute where Lucas "Hulk" makes a takedown attempt, which Mica manages to defend, taking Lucas to the ground, reaching his back to get his 4 points, and from there, with only 23 seconds to go. At the end of the match, he achieved the finish from the back and thus became champion of the BJJ STAR Grand Prix and taking home the total sum of 100,000 reais.

With this performance, and after obtaining the victory in the same night, over 2 world champions, many will wonder what is next in the career of this athlete of only 18 years, but with an unusual trajectory until the moment. The truth is that at the moment Mica is registered for the Brazilian Nationals that will take place in São Paulo, Brazil in May, in order to get the points required by the IBJJF and for this to give him the opportunity to compete in one of his main objectives such as the 2022 IBJJF World Championship. Then in September there is the ADCC, an event for which he qualified by submitting his four matches at the Brazilian Trials in Balneario Camboriu. Something that we can take for granted is that this 2022 will keep Mica's fans and the entire bjj community tuned to the most important events to see the performance of, as we already said, this incredible athlete who is more prepared every day for any event that comes his way.

Author: Pámela Bóveda

Photography by: Milena Maldonado