Friday July 30th, in Dallas Texas, our Fight Sports Club athlete, the well known Roosevelt Sousa, shone on stage of Fight to win 207, where he faced the 2 times ADCC World Champion, from Caio Terra Association, Yuri Simoes. As we all know, Roosevelt is the winner of the ADCC Brazilian Trials, so he will be competing in September against athletes like Yuri Simoes, this result shows a lot of how Roosevelt is preparing himself to perform on the biggest Grappling event of the world, the ADCC.

Photo Credit to Kyu Lee - Athletes: Roosevelt Sousa and Yuri Simoes

Since the beginning of the match, both of the athletes were constantly looking for the take down, and for half of the match, there were several shots for take downs but none of the athletes were able to complete it. At minute 3, Roosevelt chose to pull guard and immediately started attacking submissions and sweeps, as well as Yuri started to push the pace and tried to pass Roosevelt´s guard. When there were only 40 seconds left of the match, Yuri attacked a straight footlock and at the same time Roosevelt went for a heel hook, some seconds later, both of the athletes attacked again straight foot-locks, but they managed to defend perfectly, leading the match to the referees decision where Roosevelt Sousa got the win by split decision.