Every time we face a difficult situation, we have two options, be oblivious to the situation or act on it, we at Fight Sports Club firmly believe that for things to change, to improve, we must act on them, that is the main reason why in a situation like the one Ukraine is experiencing today, we decided to do something about it, contribute on putting our bit, to the people who are part of our Jiu Jitsu community, and today they have to go through something so hard.

Ukraine is going through great instability due to the attacks to the country, families have to leave the country both out of fear and because of the impossibility of having a peaceful life there. The borders are collapsed, the neighboring countries shelter and welcome many people, but the journey to reach a calm place, leave the material, take families and even pets, can become a real nightmare.

On March 12th at 10 am, we have held a Super Seminar, with the participation of the exponents of our team, where everyone contributed technical knowledge and acquired experiences, to help the participants improve their jiu jitsu and so that families affected by the current situation can have financial aid.

The seminar took place at Fight Sports Miami, Head Quarters, and lasted approximately two hours. The professors who led the seminar were: Roberto Cyborg Abreu, Maggie Grindatti, Viktor Doria, Vagner Rocha, Roosevelt Souza, Andre Porfirio and Joao Araujo, all of these athletes are renowned, experienced and owners of great titles in the world of jiu jitsu. Both modalities, both Gi and No Gi were covered during the seminar.

After a day full of learning, we were able to raise more than 4,500 dollars, all of which was sent to Ivan Nastenko, Dmytro Pernycoa and Valerij Shipotko, all from Kyiv, who took it upon themselves to send aid to more affected families in the form of food, shelter and mobility.

At FSC we believe that our actions should always reflect our values, therefore, with this seminar we feel proud to have contributed to a good cause, and we know that we are a great family, where we are for each other, in whatever the situation is.